Preparing your documents early so you will not miss any chances in this competitive market.

Documents you will need for renting any properties:

  • Rental Application - file_download Download Here
  • Employment Letter ( Must indicate annual/monthly salary and position held )
  • Pay Stubs ( Proof of income for the past 1-2 months )
  • Credit Score and Report
  • Picture of a Photo ID

Additional documents for Students & Work Permit Visa:

  • School Enrolment Letter / Working Permit
  • Study Permit
  • Working Permit ( If any )
  • Guarantor's Documents ( If any )

Additional documents for Newcomers:

  • Working Permit
Step 1. Search Listings

Start search for listings in Map open_in_new with your criteria. You may also want to to view the sold record, and have a better understanding of the market trends to match your expectation.


The ideal time to start search for your new home should be within a month of your planned moving date. The main reason for that is due to the hot market, most good listings will only stay in the market for less than a week before they got leased. Landlord does not like leaving their property vacant and wait for months until you move in. If you really like the property, you could also consider pushing your moving date forward as needed.

Step 2. Schedule For Tour

Once you find any listings your like, feel free to submit a request to get in touch with our agent. Make an appoinment for touring property, make sure you really like it before making the decision to rent it as your new home.


In this hot market, in order to get a great property for better living, you will have to be hurry in scheduling tour and putting offer. That is because any great rental properties can be leased within a day after they got listed. At this point, you should also have your documents ready. Then once you find the property you really like, you can process to next step before anyone else does.

Step 3. Putting an offer

After the showing and you made the decision, it will be time to make an offer. Our experienced agent will help you write a successful offer and negotiate the best deal for you.


This offer is a standard legal document called Agreement to Lease. Please read it through and ask your agent if you have any concerns to protect your legal rights. Consider paying your rent in advance will help for stronger offer.

Step 4. Closing the deal

If the landlord accepted your offer, you will have to provide a certified cheque or bank draft for the first and last month rent within 24 hours. In additional, you will need to obtain tenant insurance and transfer hydro bill to your name.

Step 5. Moving in

Congratulation on getting your new home! By the date you are moving, you will be given the keys from landlord's representative.


If you are renting a condo unit with large items, you will need to talk to the property management and book the elavator for moving.

Want to start your rental process?