Top 10 tips for selling your home in the winter
person CondoGo | watch_later 2021-12-31
Top 10 tips for selling your home in the winter


CondoGo Tip # 1:  Include photos of your home that show it in both winter and summer so prospective buyers will better imagine themselves there all year round.

CondoGo Tip # 2:  Clear the snow from your doorstep and shovel a path to the front door. Shovel off any snow and ice from around your home to Make sure the walkway is free of snow and ice; 

CondoGo Tip # 3:  Turn up the heat in your home, Seal up any drafts in windows and doors.

CondoGo Tip # 4:  When you provide slippers or shoe covers or lay down a mat for your visitors, it will ensure that your floor is not marked up when the next appointment arrives.

CondoGo Tip # 5:  Always remove your winter boots and coats from your hall to make the area look bigger and so that visitors have a clear space to enter.

CondoGo Tip # 6:  To make your winter home more welcoming, upgrade your mailbox and house number; add winter floral arrangements with hearty outdoor perennial planters.

CondoGo Tip # 7:  As the days are shorter and it gets dark earlier, keep outdoor lights on during showings. 

CondoGo Tip # 8:  Whenever possible, show your home during the daytime and let lots of natural light inside.

CondoGo Tip # 9:  Make your front door and entrance look welcoming by adorning it with seasonal decor.

CondoGo Tip # 10:  Show case how Outdoor spaces can be enjoyed in colder months using a range of tips. Be sure to clear off outdoor furniture that can be used in winter.