Holiday Season, Should you Sell during Holidays?
person CondoGo | watch_later 2021-12-20
Holiday Season, Should you Sell during Holidays?


People don’t tend to want to use their family or vacation time to be out searching for a place. And that’s especially true in the winter, when a warm and cozy couch is a heck of a lot more appealing than tromping through wind and snow to get to a showing. As a result, there are fewer places out there to buy: a lot of sellers wait until after the holidays to list, which cuts down the already low inventory even further. Yeah, the obvious downside of selling this season is fewer buyers. Less competition means less of a chance of getting a great offer. In fact, buyers may assume you’re desperate to sell, and come in with lowball offers. Plus, your property will likely take longer to sell, which means your listing could end up getting stale.

On the other hand, there are some upsides to selling now

When you choose a home to list in this crazy and fast paced real estate market, being one of only a handful of properties on the market will mean greater visibility for your listing. You’ll also probably encounter a lot more serious, motivated buyers, which means fewer tire-kickers wasting your time with unnecessary showings. And right now, with the crazy demand and low inventory, I feel like fewer buyers will be taking breaks from their search: they know they need to be ready to jump on that perfect property when it comes along.

Buyers are motivated

It’s been a crazy year in the world of housing, but the market change mostly favors buyers. Let’s not forget that there’s also been a surge in demand with people looking to buy before interest rates start going up again, which is what experts are predicting for mid-2022. So that’s a big buyer motivator as well, along with ever-increasing prices: getting in sooner rather than later is the goal of most buyers I come across, since waiting can mean being priced out of the property you want completely.

So is selling right now right for you? 

If you can put up with having showings over the holiday, you could end up getting the attention of the right buyer. After all, if your property isn’t on the market, nobody’s going to find it. But if you’d rather relax and enjoy your time off, maybe head off on a long-awaited trip, holding off for a bit may be the better move for you.

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