Factors to Consider When Buying a Home
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Factors to Consider When Buying a Home

When choosing a home, many factors need to be considered. Liveability is important, and your needs and wants should be taken into account. Here's a list of important considerations when choosing your next home.


Location is important when you're looking for a place to live, because it's the one thing you can't change once you move in. Don't get overly excited about finding a cute house and overlook important factors related to location, such as how busy the street is and the future of your neighbourhood.

Proximity to Services & Work

When looking for a house, consider all the places you need to go frequently, such as restaurants and grocery stores. If these are spots you visit often, you don’t want to drive a long distance to get gas or pick up dinner. Schools are very important for parents—you want to be in close proximity to good schools and should investigate the reputation of the school. Being close to good schools is also great if you plan on reselling your home because it will appreciate in value. Commute times are also an important factor when house hunting. Studies show that, the shorter the commute time, the happier the person.


Make yourself comfortable. Settle in a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle. If you're an outdoorsy person who enjoys activities like hiking and biking, being close to lots of green spaces and bike trails might be something to look for. If you are active in your community, consider looking for a home that is close to cultural, community and athletic centers. Taking your lifestyle into consideration when purchasing a home can help ensure that you continue living a life that you love.

Current Status & Future Plans

When you’re house hunting, look at your current situation and future plans. Do you have kids, or are you planning on having kids in the near future? Will the homes you’re looking at work with that plan, or will you need to move up to a bigger home in the future? Regardless of what your plans are, evaluate your current situation and look at where you may be in 5 or 10 years and if the homes you’re looking at make sense.